First Time Home Buyer

Paul helped me buy my first home, and kept me sane through an incredibly stressful process. I was fortunate to meet him when he was helping a friend of mine buy his first home, and Paul impressed me a great deal, so when I was ready to look for my first place 6 months later, I asked him to be my realtor. I am an engineer, and Paul had the patience to help me learn the process behind buying a home. We actually did not see more than maybe 5 homes during my search, but that was because we met at his office on several occasions to review availability, and only viewed homes that met my strict criteria, which was actually fluid, and Paul was great through it all! I made the poor mistake of using an out of state lender, due to him being a long-time friend, which Paul did not advise, and it almost blew up in my face, but Paul was kind and patient throughout the whole thing! So, in short, learn from my mistakes, and take advantage of Paul's vast experience! He is a really good person whose experience is incredibly valuable, with a conscience and nature that won't allow him to steer you wrong! I highly recommend Paul!

Condo Renter

Paul Puig is the listing agent for the condo that I was lucky enough to find and to rent. He faced several days of people literally standing in line for a chance to view the property. His years of experience and his loyalty to his owner[s] are readily apparent. I came away feeling he would be helpful as I get to know the home and the area. He "interviewed" my dog and was relaxed with the process. Mr. Puig drove in to the property to show it to me after a full day of doing the same thing with others. He works hard and I believe has the intuition required to match homes with potential residents of them. He is diligent and detailed, both qualities I appreciate.